Everything You Need To Know About South African Biltong in Australia


Publish date : July 12, 2021

Categories: Biltong


Biltong is one of the most popular and tasty dried and cured meat made and enjoyed by South Africans and other people worldwide. This dried and treated meat is in high demand due to its taste but is very healthy and nutritious compared to the available snacks in the market like chips, chocolates, and oily fast food. People can even eat South African biltong in Australia at the reputed restaurants, and several websites offer biltong and other dried food to the Aussies.

What does The Nutritional Value Biltong provide?

It is one of the best sources of protein. 100 grams of biltong contains 60 grams of protein, high among all the dried and cured meat available. It contains a very low amount of carbohydrates. Unlike the other snacks you get from the market, biltong does not contain any carcinogenic ingredients that might cause several health issues later.

Where Biltong Originate From?

Though biltong is a South African food made from dried beef and game meat, it is found in various parts of the globe. The word “biltong” is derived from two different words- “Bil”, which means buttock, and “tong”, which means strip. Hence, biltong means a long strip of dried and cured meat. This item is very popular in South Africa, and this delicacy is inherited from the ancestors who used dried meat during the expeditions. Biltong has a great interesting history, and it is also having a great future along with ‘droewors’ and caters for the requirement of both the local and international tourists.

Why Does Biltong Generally Not Rot?

Think that you are buying your favourite snack after knowing that it will never expire. Well, it is experienced by all the biltong lovers globally. This is cured and dried in such a manner that prevents contamination and so biltong can never become bad. The meat is mixed with various indigenous spices like salt, sugar, coriander seeds and vinegar. However, it does not mean that you will buy biltong now and think it will last for more than five years from now. Though the meat will not spoil, the longer you will leave, the faster the flavour and freshness will get hampered.

When Biltong Is Will Be Ready To Be Consumed?

If you are making your biltong or are drying the already cured biltong, you will not understand when it is ready to eat. The drying time of this item depends upon the style and type of biltong being prepared. For example, wet biltong gets ready to be consumed faster than the dried South African biltong in Australia. The standard biltong varieties are soft from the centre and dryer on the outer margin. You should dry biltong for 4-5 days before the day when you plan to consume.

How the Biltong Different From Jerky

Many tourists who travel across the globe think that biltong and jerky are similar items, but they are not. They are different in the way they are made and in the overall nutritional value. Biltong is cured and dried with spices and with the help of vinegar, but jerky is made by traditional drying.

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